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by Iain McKell

Iain McKells revered ‘Sub Culture’ book focuses on the UK’s 2 Tone movement during the years 1978/79. Initially intended as a self published portfolio for connecting with photographic agencies and galleries only a small number of the original copies were sold to the public through the legendary Claire de Rouen in London at that time. The rest then sat in Iain's archive while the few in circulation garnered cult status in the secondary market trading from dealer to collector.

Iain’s introduction to skin head culture came in the late 1960’s at the tender age of 14 via the terrace’s of his local football team. Soon after he was running with his own crew donned in mohair trousers and listening to ska music. It wasn’t until ten years later, after graduating from Exeter Collage of Art, that he started to document the scene’s second wave, which was a twist on the original skin head style called ‘2 Tone’. Sub Culture features shots taken on day trips to Southend, the streets of East and North London, a squat in Kings Cross and at the cult clothing shop “The Last Resort” on Brick Lane.

Thirty six years after its initial publication the remaining archive copies are repackaged with a signed bromide print and represented by Wild Life Press.

Photography: Iain McKell
Words: Klaus Fabricus

Limited edition of 150 copies

Sub Culture book – original 1979 copy:
8.25 x 8.25 inch, paperback, 12 pp. Images: B/W

Bromide print:
8 x 8.25 inch signed & numbered, Image: B/W

Custom Folder:
9.75 x 9.75 inch folded, white foil stamped

Poly bag:
10 x 10 inch, screen printed, clear bag with white print